Roberto Estevez, M.D.

BOOK: "A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus"BIOGRAPHY
Dr. Roberto Estevez, a cardiologist, has practiced medicine since 1970. He has served in various roles at the North West Texas Hospital in Amarillo including chief of the Department of Medicine and chief of the Department of Cardiology. Dr. Estevez also has been vice president of Medical Staff at the High Plains Baptist Hospital in Amarillo and currently serves as an assistant professor of medicine at the Texas Tech School of Medicine.

As a physician, Dr. Estevez has not only experienced the high technology of medicine, but also the powerful role faith and prayer play in the full process of healing. To better understand such divine principles, he has spent countless hours reading and meditating on the miracles of healing found in the Bible. In his recent books, Dr. Estevez beautifully illustrates the miracles of the Old and New Testaments, analyzing the causes and effects and providing relevant applications to help readers live more fully today.

Dr. Estevez is a widely recognized Bible teacher and is a much sought after speaker in the U.S., Latin America and Eastern Europe. He is a frequent guest on the popular “Desde el Pulpito” which is heard on more than 70 radio stations throughout Latin America on the Bible Broadcasting Network.

Dr. Estevez is also the author of “Meditaciones sobre los milagros de Jesús” (ISBN 0-311-46177-8), and “Cuando Dios hace maravillas” (ISBN: 978-0-311-46192-9).

A native of Uruguay, Dr. Estevez is a long-time resident of Amarillo, Texas, where he resides with his wife Elizabeth. They have three grown children.

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