Roberto Estevez, M.D.


Part I Power over Deamons
1.  The Man Who Lived in a Graveyard
2.  The Boy with a Grand Mal Demon
3.  A Man Who Started Talking
4.  A Bad Spirit in the Synagogue
5.  Daughter of a Canaanite Woman

Part II Power over Death
6.  Lazarus Five Miracles
7.  Jairus’s Perfect Family
8.  The Suspended Funeral

Part III Power over Nature
9.  More Wine, Please
10.  Loaves and Fishes without End
11.  Four Thousand for a Feast
12.  Fishing in Deep Water
13.  Walking over the Darkened Sea
14.  A Fish Pays Taxes
15.  Peace over Troubled Waters
16.  Fig tree and Laser’s Beams
17.  Too Many Fish for the Nets

Part IV Power over Illness
18. Suffering from Physician Care
19. Healing Blindness from Birth
20. Thirty-Eight Years Sick
21. Popular Bartimaeus
22. Not on a Bed of Roses
23. The Man with Severe Edema
24. Blind Bethsaidan
25. The Man Who Lived in Silence
26. Peter Had a Mother-in-Law
27. Ten at a Time
28. No Fever since Seven P.M.
29. The Paralyzed Hand
30. The Servant’s Boss
31. Full of Leprosy
32. If I Could Walk Straight!
33. Missing the Target, Good!

Part V The Miraculous Jesus
34. Transfiguration
35. Ascension

BOOK: "A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus"

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