Roberto Estevez, M.D.

"La Lucha Entre lo Bueno y lo Malo"

"By studying his miracles, yoiu will experience Jesus in a profound way!" -- Roberto Estevez, M.D.

BOOK: "A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus"Welcome!
As a jewel is placed on black velvet to demonstrate its beauty, we can see the person of the Great Physician shining with love, compassion and power when he appears against the darkness of disease, pain, and suffering. He does not try to be someone who is unreachable and distant; instead, he relates to those who need him and demonstrates his divine attributes of mercy, compassion, and love.

This book is an attempt to reveal that those who the Savior healed in the New Testament are similar to all of us today and have the same needs, desires, ailments, and illnesses as we have. Our Savior is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and just as He was never too busy for those he healed in the Bible, He is never too busy for us. Additionally, He never told those He helped that the situation was too difficult for Him, nor will He tell you that for with God, all things are possible. I pray that you will be as blessed to read this book as I was as I wrote it.